Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Ally's First Mom

I've been spending a lot of time in thought and prayer for Ally's first mom. I'm sure that Ally's birth mom still thinks of her and she probably still misses her and I have been praying for her heart.

Even if she feels that she made the right choice. Even if, on the outside, she has moved on. She carried Ally for nine months and gave birth to her and cared for her at the beginning of her life. That isn't a small thing. An invisible bond exists between them.

She may not have wanted to give Ally up. She may regret it someday. She may regret it now. So I pray for her often.

I pray for Ally's heart too and we give her extra love to help heal her loss. God seems to be working in her heart. We continue to see growth and healing. She seems content and happy and she trusts more and more.

Ally needed a new mom and God gave the job to me. I am humbled by the awesome responsibility of nurturing and loving another woman's child.  I love being Ally's Mom. She is my little girl now and every day I thank God for her and for the blessing she is to our family.


  1. Love these sweet words. Brings tears to my eyes because I can so relate!

  2. I find myself praying for our soon to be daughter's mom (and dad) too. It was probably such a difficult experience. Especially as birthdays and holidays come.

    1. Christine, yes it must be hard for the dads too.

  3. Such a sweet picture! I think about these things also...