Sunday, January 19, 2014

Year in Pictures

Our Alayna Grace has been home for one year. It's been an amazing and wonderful year.

I'm thankful for the opportunity to share this account of our adoption journey and Ally's first year home. I've always marveled at blogging moms and thought, "I have time to either live life or take pictures and write about it, but not both.". Now I find myself in that place.

Our little one is home and thriving. She's putting down roots and feeling a secure sense of family and belonging. And now it's time for me to get back to some very important things. I may be back to give occasional updates, but for now I won't be blogging much, if at all.

I've loved that friends, new and old, have shared and prayed along with us during this journey of adoption. Thank you so much, dear friends for all of the parts you've played in Ally's story. Thank you for loving her with us and celebrating her first year home.


  1. Thank you for sharing!! We love you all...Matt, Courtney and the kids!

  2. I love Alayna's transformation over the past year-beautiful!!

  3. Loved all the pictures! She looks so happy and loved.

  4. Wow, it doesn't seem possible that it has been a whole year! I bet it was a lot of fun firsts for her. I am so glad that you continued to share so we could see her grow and adjust.

  5. This is fantastic! Thanks Sabrina. Between you and Sharon, I am feeling much more excited about our girl again.