Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Opportunities to Help

When we adopted Ally, I had a great friend to go every step of the way with. We helped and encouraged each other and passed the time chatting about adoption and our new children who waited on the other side of the world.

Now we have Ally home and are just starting to feel settled, but my friends' family found out shortly after getting their little guy home that he had a biological brother back at the same orphanage.  So, instead of just settling in, they're off again. Adoption paperwork, appointments, fundraising.

My friend, Mandy is going back for Ben's brother and another little girl. Both children are Roma and, because of their skin color and ethnicity, have no place or future in their birth country. We got to see this prejudice first-hand when we were there. These two sweet children will be so blessed to have a family and Ben and his brother will grow up together!

Please consider encouraging their family and supporting their adoption. They have a matching grant to meet and donations toward the matching grant can also be entered into their ipad giveaway! Go to their blog, Blessings Eternal to learn more.

I know any help would sure mean a lot to them.


Another friend is doing a fundraiser for The Bible Orphan Ministry's project to hire caregivers for the boys' institution. Last year, BOM raised the money to hire two wonderful caregivers for a year. They wanted to hire them this year too and enough money was raised to hire them for 6 months.

My friend, Brianna decided to do a fundraiser to raise the funds needed for the rest of the year. She has already raised enough to hire the caregivers for one more month and has almost reach the goal for another month. She has a goal of raising $186.48 by this Friday.

Please help by going to Cover Up for Christ.


My final request for help is to ask you to pray and/or advocate for these teens.

Alla from The Bible Orphan Ministry has learned that the two younger teens are available for adoption. They could be adopted together if a family files paperwork with the U.S. government by V's  16th birthday on May 10th of this year. That is only two and a half months, but anything is possible with God.

I have been praying for them and I am just sure that it's possible. There must be a family who would be able to adopt two teens. They are not little children, they just need someone to want them. To include them. To love them and be willing to give them guidance so they can finish their childhoods and get a start to become young adults. They could finish their education and for the first time in their lives feel safe and loved.

Look at them. Can you imagine them on the streets struggling alone?

Their older brother is 18 and too old to be adopted. He will "graduate" this year. He has hopes and dreams, but very little chance of that becoming a reality. Perhaps someone could sponsor him. Sort of "adopt" him and let him know that even though he's a young adult, that someone cares for him and would be willing to encourage and support him so that he can learn to stand on his own. A letter of encouragement, a package, a regular gift sent to help with his day to day needs?

There are a lot of possibilities and opportunities to help make a difference in the lives of these teens. Go to BOM's blog to read MORE


Just had to add this cute picture that Rachel took of Ally. She's doing so great! She blesses us every minute of every day.

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  1. Sabrina, thank you so much for sharing our need! Love you, friend :)

    I will be praying for the BOM, the teens needing families and soon to be aging out, and will share about the fundraiser!

    Ally couldn't be any cuter-so sweet <3